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Father. Zawadi, OSC

Brother Albert, OSC

Assisted Fr. Zawadi to start the project

I am Fr. Zawadi, osc a Crosier priest from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am serving in the Diocese of St. Cloud since 2014. The new hope for the children of Butembo, In North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is shining on their faces because of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers who are strongly promoting education in Africa.  The families that are living around our priory in Butembo have told the Crosiers of the need of building a K-12 Catholic School for their children.  Not just any school, but a great school that will empower boys and girls to promote the culture of peace, reconciliation and justice as the State of North-Kivu emerges from decades of war and conflict.

While I was there for vacation last year 2019, I could witness people saying:  “Our children will no more have to walk so far away to seek an education.  They will just go to school without thinking about transportation issues, for there are no school buses for children in Butembo.  They walk a long distance everyday to go to school and during the rainy season children get wet, get sick and end up not going to school.’’ I said to myself, this situation has to be changed.

The people of Butembo are grateful to God for the presence of the Crosiers and their benefactors who are supporting our project of building a K-12 Catholic School.  I am also grateful to God for the support of Brother Albert Becker, osc who liked the school project and help me to strategize the fundraising plan. Unfortunately, he died last year. May him rest in peace.  

This school will accommodate 1,600 students in 30 classrooms.  The school will also include a library computer resource room, office space and restrooms.  There will be an outdoor space where students can play basketball and volleyball.  Our goal is to raise one million dollars.  We have been able to raise funds for the first and the second phases.

A dream can come true and what we think and believe can become a reality.  So I am personally glad to inform you that on May 18, 2020 we started to build the first phase of our new school that will cost $206,350.00.  Thank you for your support and generosity!  This wonderful project will end the cycle of poverty for many children who will attend our new school.  To support the third and the fourth phases you can go online at www.crosier.org.  The Crosiers seek to transform the lives and touch suffering with hope for the most needy in the Congo.  The new K-12 Crosier Catholic School in Butembo will be a beacon of light for boys and girls from low income families.  It will help boys and girls to learn Christian faith and how to end the cycle of poverty in their lives, and will promote a culture of non-violence because violence creates violence.

The Crosiers in the Congo are almost totally dependent on the generosity of others for support.  We cannot continue to serve the Congolese people without the financial help of many friends of ours who believe in our ministries and services of making this world a better place.  That is why I am inviting people of good will to join us to finish building the new school that will help us to reduce delinquency of youth and to decrease the high numbers of illiterate youth.  Will you help us to finish the new school for the children of Butembo?

To make a donation, go to: www.crosier.org. Then click on donate and choose International Missions-Congo.
Then on the comment you should write:
New school in Butembo.
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